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Lomi Lomi

The ancient practice of massage from different families throughout the islands and clearing the body with loving hands, and intentions of healing. Applying medium to deep pressure from the palms, forearms, and elbows breaking down stagnation from the muscles and releasing of excess energy. Allowing a connection of energy from one to another to flow through the physical body to be rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue/Sports

Slow and deep pressure movements used on specific muscles and muscle groups to assist in better performance. Stretching the body using passive and active stretching techniques to loosen muscles and gain more elasticity and flexibility in muscle groups. Using F.A.S.T. Release techniques (Fascia Adhesion Scar Tissue Release) for break down of restrictions in deep tissues. Assists in recovery from training, injures, and overused muscles.

Office Massage

Treat your employees to a refreshing break in the convenience of your own office. Sitting at a desk processing paperwork or working on a computer can lead to bad posture and fatigue. A simple 15 minute break per employee can revitalize a worker and reduce stress. Show your work family that you care and want them to be as productive as they can be.


When relaxation and subtle stress reduction are your goals, this massage will refresh you. Improving blood circulation with soft to medium pressure. Movements to soften the muscles like kneading and also tapotement. Applying cross-fiber friction to adhesion in fatigued muscles. Gentle massage for tired muscles, and relaxing stressed and over used areas.


Based of reflex points found on the feet, hands, and ears, which correspond with body parts and also organs. Using specific thumb, finger and hand movements to move stagnations and also bring new energy and blood flow to areas. A treatment that requires no oil or lotion.


During the second and third trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body needs some pampering. Help is often needed with the stresses pregnancy puts on the body. Using side-lying and a sitting up position, gentle and deep pressure can be applied in appropriate areas to ease some of mom’s aches and stiffness.

Thai Yoga

Traditionally done on a mat on the floor can also be done on a table but modified for comfort. This body work is done with the client dressed in loose clothing, and no oil/lotion is used. Involves deep pressure and stretching into yoga-like poses throughout the massage. Therapist uses hand and forearms to apply rhythmic pressure along the Sen lines or Meridians.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Certification coming soon!

Massage Therapist: Liz Chee

Bringing the technical and manual manipulation side of massage to her clients on Oahu with the finesse of a healing touch.

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About Liz

About Liz

Elizabeth “Liz” Chee was born on the island of O´ahu, and raised in Manoa Valley. She graduated from Maryknoll High School and attended Kapiolani Community College Massage Therapy program, graduating in 2005. Licensed as a massage therapist in 2005, Liz has since been employed in various spas in the Honolulu area, such as the Spa at Trump.

In 2007-2008 she taught Hot Stones massage at Reneux Academy where a course manual for instruction and procedures for Hot Stones Massage was compiled. Throughout her career she has volunteered at Kapiolani Community College as a teacher’s assistant for students during their clinical hours for the massage program, and continues to practice massage as a free agent.

Her focus has been cultural massages, such as Lomi Lomi, from which she was taught by various families. Their traditions, teaching not only the fundamental and technical skills, but also the spiritual connection of self and others through Ho´oponopono, (to forgive, mental cleansing, to correct). Other massage modalities of focus are Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Hot/Cold Stone massage, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, F.A.S.T. (Fascia, Adhesion, Scar Tissue) Release Method, Neuromuscular Therapy, Pregnancy massage, and Cranio-sacral therapy.

Outside of the massage realm, Liz enjoys the outdoors with family and friends with hiking, running, biking, skate boarding, stand-up paddle boarding, volleyball, and other activities. She also spends some of her off time coaching Basketball and Volleyball with the Manoa Girls’ Athletic Club. An amateur photographer with varied interests from nature photos to sports.

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Truly a talented massage therapist
Liz Chee is an extraordinary therapist your body will not only feel better after your massage sessions but just being around Liz’s presence will put you at ease. She is truly a talented massage therapist and understands the body well and gives an amazing massage. I could never find anyone to give me a thorough deep tissue massage especially because I am a therapist as well so I'm picky, but Liz helped get rid of my chronic lower back and neck pain. I also had the pleasure of working with Liz and she is truly a kindhearted person that I am so lucky to know and call my friend. Liz has healing hands and will take care of you!

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